Borgull of Lhazaar

A sinewy human fighter who's bold living and hard drinking is maintained only by the luck of Olladra.


Borgal Of Lhzaar (born Latarius of Breland)

A human fighter. Borgal is 6’1’’ with a wiry, strong frame. His years of work at sea have made his sinewy body tough and his weather worn skin gives his the look of a man further along in life than he is.

A dock brawl left Borgal with a disfiguring wound on his face. The wound split his lip nearly up to his cheek bone. While the wound healed, it did not close, and is now held together with leather. This give him the appearance of a constant snarl, lowering his ability to communicate effectively with those he means no harm.


Borgal Of Lhzaar (born Latarius of Breland)

A young human fighter from raised in Wroat, a Breland.

He never knew his father and knows little of his absence, only that he disappeared early into the Last War. His either did not know, or did not say, what fate befell his father. Was he killed in Droaam negotiating with monsters? Was he disappeared in Atur, the Karrnath City of Night?

His mother (a lower-middle class beauty) had many suitors during his childhood but she never pursued their attentions. Most of these men tried to use him to get to her heart. He has grown up suspicious of gifts and favors, and is always looking for the ulterior motives of others.

He dropped out of Morgrave University in Sharn, Breland, finding himself repulsed by the fraternity and hierarchy. This broke his mothers ever-worried heart as it would certainly mean his only option was joining the war.

After dropping out of school he left in the night to Lhzaar to avoid military draft. After a long and humbling journey he finally arrived to the coastal colonies. He picked a fight with the biggest brute he came across once he reached Lhzaar resulting in a horrid wound that disfigured his face. Now his upper lip is held together with think leather stitching.

He spent 4 years as a crewman on a merchant ship, becoming strong and capable, learning the tongue of Goblins, becoming proficient in virtually all arms, but especially adept with a rapier. But in time he also became aware of just how adrift he had become.

He decided to return, in secret, to Breland, to check on his mother and the world he left behind.

A cynical vassal, he is follower of the sovereign host religion but in particular has found much to admire in the deity Olladra. Her tenants command that one be bold in life, battle, and mead hall and to never side with an oppressor.

Borgull of Lhazaar

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